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Neepawa & District Chamber of Commerce promotes Neepawa Chamber Buck's as a means of rewarding staff for work well done, staff incentives, Christmas gifts or as prize giveaways and encourages residents/employees to 'Shop Local".  They are similar to gift certificates and can be used to pay for merchandise or services at most Chamber Bucks - Participating Members in the Neepawa area. Currently, Chamber Bucks CANNOT be redeemed at any Bank, Credit Union, Tim Hortons, Manitoba Liquor & Lottery Centre, the Beautiful Plains Community Foundation, School nor any private farm business (as noted by an asterisk (*) in the Business Directory).


Participating members indicated by an asterisk in front of the business name cannot accept Chamber Bucks.

Chamber Bucks make a great Silent Auction prize, Christmas or Birthday gift or an office incentive for work well done. Anyone can purchase them.

The Neepawa Chamber Bucks must be redeemed for its full value, cannot be redeemed for cash, therefore not redeemable at any of our Banks nor Credit Union or larger enterprises, for example; Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, Safeway, Tim Horton’s location.  Refunds on any purchases made using Chamber Bucks are not available in cash. Should a customer receive change or a refund, a gift certificate or gift card is recommended.   

Chamber Bucks are available in $5, $10, 25 and $50 denominations and can be purchased from the Chamber Office.

  1. Businesses treat it the same way as currency/coupon sales, however, the full amount of the denomination presented must be spent in full and not redeemed for cash;

  2. Customer signs the back of the Neepawa Chamber Bucks; 

  3. Staff accepting the Neepawa Chamber Buck records their business name, signs and dates the back of the Neepawa Chamber Bucks;

  4. Deliver the denomination/s to the local Chamber office located at the Court House, Main Floor, 282 Hamilton Street or mail them to our office: Box 726, Neepawa MB  R0J 1H0,

  5. The Neepawa & District Chamber of Commerce will reimburse the Chamber member for the value of the Neepawa Chamber Bucks tendered.

To find out more information about the Chamber Bucks program, please call the office at 204-476-5292 or email .

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